Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My first week in Korea

I've now officially been in Seoul for a week, which is awesome and crazy at the same time.  This city is amazing.  I've already been to about eight different neighborhoods (out of 25), and each one of them seems like it should be the "downtown" area.  There's so much happening on every single street.  I'm so overwhelmed by the number of shops and restaurants everywhere I look, and that's even before I remind myself to look up and see that there's usually 5+ stories full in each building.


The school I'm working for seems great.  Everyone has been incredibly nice and genuinely is trying to make sure my fellow teachers and I are as successful as possible.  This is not always the case at private institutes in Korea.  All the new teachers are here in Seoul for orientation/training for a few weeks before we all head out to our actual schools throughout Korea.  I am most likely going to end up in Gwangju, but that could change. 

The food has been so good.  This is something that I read on nearly ever blog I read before I came over here, but now that I've got a week of it in me, I can personally attest to this fact.  The school I work for is vegetarian and so 90% of my meals have been as well, and so far this has not been an issue.  However, the hibachi-style all you can eat restaurant I went to was simply amazing, and $10.50.   Kimchi is even growing on me. 

I've been doing quite a bit of sight seeing since I got here.  I feel a little bit like I'm just on vacation since I haven't settled into a full time job yet.  I've been to a couple different palaces and ridden the subway all over just trying to get lost.